American Telehealth Solutions will integrate high quality healthcare services according to your organizations service

goals and objectives. 

Benefits to Rural health clinics:

  • Access to specialty care without patients having to travel

  • Access to more primary care providers

Benefits to rural hospitals:

  • Night time coverage with quality providers at a lower cost

  • Access to specialty care without having to transfer patients

  • Patients seen quickly which can reduce length of stay and costs

Benefits to correctional facilities

  • Access to more primary care providers

  • No need to send patients out of the prison to see specialists which reduces costs and increases safety

  • Helps to keep prisons within compliance standards

Reimbursement for Telemedicine

  • Telemedicine encounters are reimbursed at the same Medicare rates as an in person visit in qualifying underserved areas.

  • Most private insurers also reimburse for Telemedicine.

  • Your facility can get reimbursed an originating site fee from Medicare for any Medicare patient seen using a Telemedicine provider. This can offset the cost of the equipment.

Doctor's Desk

A complete package

We offer a complete package. We can use existing equipment or help supply any equipment needed. The equipment can be affordably leased or purchased. 

We provide all qualified licensed providers who are trained and experienced with Telemedicine. We handle all scheduling for all providers according to the facilities needs. We will also train the staff on-site to handle the equipment and assist the provider.