Serving the prison population


The Need for Integrated Care in America's Prisons 

America is currently the top ranking country in the world as having the highest number of incarcerated persons in our prison systems. The American Telehealth Solutions team understands the need to approach and treat our prisoners in a timely manner and with excellent health care:

* Most of these men and women grew up in poverish stricken homes and have lacked basic healthcare prior to prison.

* Many of these men and women were exposed to diseases found in lower socioeconomic settings that require ongoing and special medical care

*Most of these men and women never visited a medical facility and lack the proper life skills to care for themselves and thrive in the world. 

* Most of these men and women have untreated mental health issues; to include military veterans who returned from war with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

* Most of these men and women lacked the proper nutrition and care needed to develop into a healthy, functioning adult for society. 

We treat these men and women together with the onsite providers to give them the best medical care possible.


Benefits of Telemedicine

in prisons

Accessibility to Quality providers

Safe and Cost Effective

Specialty care becomes more accessible

Health Education

Behavioral and Mental Health


Innovation in Meeting Needs Appropriately and Effectively


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