Meet the Team

Birgit Bodine, M.D. M.B.A.


Dr Bodine graduated Karl-Ruprecht University of Heidelberg in Germany and completed her residency training in Internal Medicine at Pinnacle Health in Harrisburg, PA. Later she also received an MBA in healthcare management from Auburn University.

She has been a practicing physician for the last 18 years. She is the founder of American Telehealth Solutions and her goal is to provide quality medical care to everyone in this country regardless of geographical location or situation.

In her free time she likes to travel, spend time with her children and do remodeling projects around the house.

Derrick Adams, M.D. 


Dr Adams graduated University of Miami Medical School and completed his residency training in Internal Medicine at UM as well. Prior to becoming a physician he worked as a dedicated High School teacher for many years. He is the co-founder of American Telehealth Solutions and is excited to bring this new technology to underserved areas throughout the country.

In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his wife and children, especially on his boat. 

Katarina Jurczyk

Katarina is our youngest member  of our IT team and with her enthusiasm and ability to find solutions is always available to help any of our members with their IT issues. She is currently working with us while enrolled at the University of Florida in the engineering program and this exemplifies her energy and willingness to always work hard.

She enjoys traveling and  is always up for any new technological challenges 

Sharon Adams

Sharon is in charge of our marketing and as such, an invaluable member of our team. Her positive attitude and disposition is infectious and there is no task she will not be able to tackle. She is our " go to" person with all office matters and will meet any deadline no matter how tight. She answers our phone lines while multi-tasking and never loses that infectious smile no matter how stressful the day may be.

She is the wife of Derrick Adams and on her off days likes to spend time with him and their children.

Peter Niemann, M.D. 


Dr Niemann is a Board certified Internist and Geriatrician. His residency training from Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis was followed by his fellowship in Geriatrics at Vanderbilt University. Dr Niemann has been a practicing physician for 10 years. He is an accomplished author of several self-help books and enjoys giving talks and lectures.


In his spare time he likes to ski, read and travel with his children.

Javed Ashraf, M.D. 


Dr. Ashraf is board certified in Internal Medicine as well as Cardiology ( Nuclear, Interventional, Vascular and Endovascular). After completing his Cardiology training at Tufts University in Boston he practiced as Interventional Cardiologist and Associate Professor at University Missouri, Kansas City.


Currently he works part-time as Tele-Cardiologist for our Kansas patients.

Monic Menard, ARNP 


Monic Menard is an experienced nurse practitioner in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology. She is licensed in Florida and Kansas.

When she is not working she enjoys the outdoors and traveling.

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